Heat, Haze, and Mescaline

by Th' Damned Crows

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Heat, Haze, and Mescaline is the first single by Th' Damned Crows


Driving through the desert with a Colt .45.
A body in the trunk and The Devil Inside.
A rattle-snakin’, titty-shakin’ Mexican bride
And a bottle of Tequila came along for the ride.
Heading South of the border in the blistering sun,
A body full of mescaline and I’m on the run.
My foot is on my pedal and my hand’s on my gun.
Having serious second thoughts and a whole lot of fun.
A sassy senorita stole my heart in Antone.
I woke up in a motel room and I was all alone.
Took my car and took my money and she left me with none.
Through the heat and haze and mescaline I found she was gone.
I’m gonna find empty solace in a bottle of fire.
In a fly-bitten bar I’ll take it down to the wire.

Revenge is on my mind and its burning a hole.
The violence starts to stir deep down in my soul.
So its just me and the bottle and the open road.
Gonna hit her with the sin which The Lord has forebode.
To unburden my conscience of this heavy load,
I’m gonna leave her in a hole in the side of the road.
Walking through the desert with the sun to my back.
Dehydrated, start to feel my senses under attack.
The Law ain’t gonna find me, got them on the wrong track
And her wicked plan for me have started showing the cracks.
Well she can try to outrun me but it ain’t no good;
Got a Chevy V8 engine running under the hood.
She better hope The Police get to her before I do,
There ain’t no telling what a wicked mind like mine might do.


released August 24, 2012
Liam McDevitt: Vocals & Bass
Ronnie Belcher: Drums
Zoltan Tibor Szabo-Taylor: Harmonica
Sven Duncker: Guitar

Produced by: Th' Damned Crows
Engineered by: Malcolm Burger at RockArt Records Studio



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Th' Damned Crows Cape Town, South Africa

Formed at the foot of the notorious Devil’s Peak in Cape Town, South Africa, Th’Damned Crows fell together in early 2012 through a mutual love of Rockabilly, Punk Rock and Blues, and a growing frustration at what was perceived to be a ‘safe’ music scene in their home town. ... more

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